Dear recruiter, hi!

Thanks for your interest in my profile.

After 3 years at HouseTrip (Senior Engineer, then VP of Technology), and 10 years of experience in software, I’m currently preparing my next career move.

The TL,DR is:

I’m open to a full-time Senior Software Engineer role
in a product-focused company doing Ruby, Go, C, Node.JS or Python,
and is telework-friendly.

Links: LinkedIn, PDF Resume, Calendar

The rest of this page is a recruiter brief. This will hopefully help you match my profile with what your clients are looking for, and save you time compared to a phone call.

These notes are about the ideal role I’d consider, as I’d rather not use up your time for roles that wouldn’t fit! Most of your initial questions should also get an answer.

The role:

  • Senior Software Engineer / Lead Engineer. I’m quite happy not to be a “manager” in spite of my recent professional history, especially if the company is small or the product/environment are very exciting.
  • I don’t take pension/healthcare/equity into account when comparing offers (not applicable to me).
  • I can be on-site up to 20% of the time (every 5th week). I live in France, very close to an international airport.
  • I’m flexible in terms of compensation for the right role.

The people:

  • A brilliant management team; generally a team I can learn from.
  • Values: passionate, honest, open-minded, empathetic.
  • Empowering, prefers “leadership” to “management”, trains others.
  • An existing team of engineers (my experience is working with / leading teams of 5 to 25).

The company:

  • Funded, growing.
  • Proven market (they have paying customers).
  • Startup or SMB-sized (up to a few hundred people), or similar sized independent organisation in a larger company.

Their product:

  • Web app or web-centric product.
  • B2C, or B2B for tech markets.
  • Reasonably ethical (no payday loan or betting companies).
  • Targets a global market.

The technologies:

  • Unix-based technologies (Ruby, C, Go, Python, or Node.JS ; my recent experience is mostly Ruby).
  • Strong adhesion to open-source, including contributing.

The way they work:

  • Product-driven organisation.
  • Agile/Lean or willing to get there (I have coached my current company into Kanban).
  • Adopters of test-driven development or willing to get there.
  • Invest in software quality, and manage their technical debt.
  • Advocate their work (conference speaking, blog, etc)

Hope this helps!